Baseball Performance Program

Jake Gatewood and Art The Shark at the 2014 MLB Draft


Our athletes go through an intense 3 step evaluation prior to beginning our baseball performance program. Muscle decencies and existing injuries are prime reasons for such an evaluation.  Once the athlete has been cleared of any existing injuries, health issues etc. they are then evaluated athletically for strengths and weaknesses during certain progression lifts and movements under stress.  The athlete is then cleared and placed in the program that meets their required goals.

Core fundamentals

Athletes are built from the core outward. The core is the base foundation for strength, speed, power and ability. As baseball players we want to help you maximize strengths in all areas beginning with the foundation and it starts with the core.

Lower Body Power

Plyometrics training is the core to becoming a more explosive baseball player. Our primary focus is to strengthen the lower body with the use of fundamental movements through resistance.

Lower Body Complete

This phase is typically for position players that seek to become explosive while establishing pure linear speed.  Agility and power exercises are used in this phase in order to maximize strength both vertically and laterally.

Lower Body Agility

Lateral movements are the norm when it comes to playing baseball. With this phase we address the need to strengthen movements from vertically, laterally and linear.  Change of direction, first step quickness, foot quickness and foot placement are areas of focus.

Lower Body Mobility

Injury prevention through the use of mobility exercises is a key area of concentration during our baseball performance program. With poor mobility in areas such as the hamstrings can often lead to hamstring pulls and easily affect proper running mechanics.

Upper Body Power

Increasing upper body power is far different from increasing lower body strength in our program. Lower body power can easily be achieved by combining a squat followed by a maximal vertical jump. Our approach during this phase is to focus on power production and movement speed.

Upper Body Mobility

Injury prevention is the goal in this area. Baseball players use their shoulders constantly and this phase is geared towards lengthening and strengthening the entire shoulder complex and thoracic spine area.

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