The Bod-e² Shop - Optimum Health & Human Performance Center

The Bod-e² Shop Is a personal training facility and human performance center located in Clovis, CA. This facility was created by a dream. The dream of taking training to another level while living out his life's purpose is what the owner, Art "The Shark" Correa envisioned. The Bod-e² Shop introduces the purpose of change while creating momentum and persevering through failures to enhance every new member's vision of becoming great. Our vision is to challenge every person that enters our facility and assist them in achieving their individual health and fitness goals. We utilize a variety of strategies to help members understand that through a positive, motivational and inspirational workout experience any personal physical goal they have is attainable.

Mission Statement

The Bod-e² Shop exists to: Inspire clients to achieve any and every possible goal set with the use of Motivational, Optimal and Honest Service.

Our doors are open to all individuals who have made up their minds and want to make a positive change in their life while working out in a complete positive environment.